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Compilation of Gift Codes for SIMULACRA

  • QjOHxc7Ft: Redeem code for 1 Ultra Roulette Spin [Requires 5 Gym Badge]
  • rAu2WNZbY: $500, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, legendary equipment, and rare items.
  • 95CVk3AZl: Redeem for a Prize Board
  • WpXt7dgEs: Redeem this code for a Chicken Pet Portrait
  • FsA7fzdY8: 1000 gold, 10 gems, $100, 5 diamonds, 50 resources, epic equipment
  • 3GfjS01gm: Redeem for Hero Pack
  • fy7oJ5DBb: 3 equipment pieces, 1000 money, 15 resources, 1 rare item, 50 gold, 8 equipment pieces
  • DeL4m9b3s: Coins, Spins and Gems
  • MSg0u2YjV: Redeem this gift code to receive valuable coins.
  • pXvASyEOl: Acquire 500 Diamonds, a valuable in-game currency.

Fan Page Event Game Codes for SIMULACRA

  • yPIKfjm43: Redeem for the Little Stranger Pet
  • EeSVB2Rx7: Redeem this code for a Blue Bear Pet
  • w7GIHcpjd: Redeem for an in-game reward
  • 1Rd692WPu: Redeem for 2 Ultra Spins (4 Badges Required)
  • F3EGuisf1: Redeem code for a 20% Platinum
  • ymdHW4LFr: Redeem code for 1 Ultra Roulette Spin [Requires 7 gym badge]
  • wgblWruc9: Coins, Spins and Gems
  • 7VvCDOiXR: 1500 gold, 200 gems, $5000, 30 diamonds, 1000 resources.
  • LWrO0a9Eo: Redeem for the Little Stranger Pet
  • PznF7tdl0: Redeem this code to get free rewards

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Welcome to the Exciting World of SIMULACRA!

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